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    clio 197 ball joint and hub

    You can buy the swivel joints separately from Rsport .
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    Looking for aSwivel arm ball joint.

    That is not for a 197. Rsport in Wimbledon sell the item you need. If it's the lower swivel joint you need, £59.98 delivered next day. The wishbone ball joints is not available separately , although some one may know different?
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    Ball joint help.

    Op The ball joint is in the wishbone, and Renault do not do this separately . You need the lower swivel joint by the sounds of it, and again, Renault only sell the complete hub. Rsport sell the swivel joints, top and bottom, separately, and the are different parts and sizes. There may be someone...
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    cost of diagnostics?

    Ask for andy if you do call again, clip test is just £36+vat , and as mick does, if you have the work done it gets included in the repair. who ever you spoke to should not of quoted £84 for a clip test, unless, it's not just a clip test you asked for?? when you say a few things checked over...
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    Meg R26 possible injector fault

    Yes sounds like an injector, common on these. Cant help with an injector cleaner though as not had any experience. Some people have had them cleaned by a specialist and reported good things, so maybe worth looking for someone that does that. And can bring on the other lights as it to with...
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    cost of diagnostics?

    Have you tried Rsport in wimbledon? £36+vat for a clip test.
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    Ph1 throttle body rough price

    Send me your reg and will check But think its 7700113286 = £275.51 + vat and not available. Is that the number they gave you?
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    Hello from Cornwall

    Welcome Also to whiteHartMart , where abouts in cornwall?
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    clio dci pump timing

    Yes it has to be timed up properly if it has a cam sensor.
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    Cup Racer wont start

    Have you done a volt drop test on the main cables and starter?
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    Car Conked Out - Now Wont Start!

    Sorry , if your getting a spark , unlikely earth cable then , must of missed that part . checked timing? i will read the whole thread again and see what else I have missed
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    Car Conked Out - Now Wont Start!

    Check the earth cable as they can break and cause your symptoms.
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    Clio 197 Steering knocks

    Check the pinch bolt is correctly tightened. Is the noise from inside the car or can you hear it outside as well? is it a recent issue ? Any work recently?
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    182 Gearbox issue - no fifth gear. Advice please!

    Yes can do , could be as simple as removing the end casing and refitting correctly the fifth gear set , may be lucky . Renault may well fix it correctly and fairly , or they may not , like anywhere it all depends on who's doing the job. Hope it is cheap easy fix.
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    Numbers on pistons

    used by manufacturers Direction of piston flywheel end Piston category (2 - 3) or (B - C) Piston axis of symmetryGudgeon pin hole axis Offset between gudgeon pin hole axis and piston axis of symmetryEngine suffix (the own number to correspond to a paticular enine suffix)