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  1. sburrell93

    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    Conveniently... I have a set of 182 half leather front seats going spare 👀 Leather on the drivers bolster is a bit worn, but they're in one piece.
  2. sburrell93

    Megane RS250 Cup

    This looks so mean from the front! Pretty sure I passed you the other week just around about Crainlarich. I think anyway. I was on the bike with 2 mates and it was raining that heavy I could hardly see lol.
  3. sburrell93

    What premium tyres with comfort in mind?

    This is interesting, I've put assy 3s on the back of my E92 and had my share of B road fun since they went on. Not checked the tyres but I'm defo going to have a look now!
  4. sburrell93

    Small bump - advice needed

    Just get your friend of a friend to make up the bill for the work and send it to the guy before forking out for it yourself? Edit: beaten to it lol
  5. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    Ahh that's unlucky! I assumed they weren't sold or they'd be packaged up. Suppose not if someones collecting them though 😂
  6. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    Oor Reece will be selling his old ones I think. I know he's got new ones for his new build anyway and I've seen the old ones still lying in the unit. Pretty certain they're Bilsteins too.
  7. sburrell93

    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    I may know of some second hand coilovers for sale nearby for you...
  8. sburrell93

    sburrell's dci 100

    Yeah they all fit. 172/182 springs worked well on the dci as the weight is similar. Wouldn't imagine it would work very well on a 1.2 petrol or something.
  9. sburrell93

    Anyone give me an idea of parts cost from Renault - 197 just been hit up the back

    There's no way he's going to get away with not going through insurance. Headlights on a M140i alone for example are worth over a grand! He'll go insurance when he eventually realises what it'll cost him. Just speed up the process and start going through yours.
  10. sburrell93

    sburrell's dci 100

    I'm not sure sorry! I'd guess around 40mm going off the pictures and what I can remember. They were Eibach sportlines for a 172/182.
  11. sburrell93

    Addicted's Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro

    Agreed, but if that's what you're after it's quite practical!
  12. sburrell93

    Spray bottle for tar remover.

    Interested in also finding something for this. Been through about 5 spray bottles with tar remover and they all just die off after a while! Found these: but they do say to remove the dip tube when storing for long...
  13. sburrell93

    Addicted's Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro

    They had the sportback on the previous model too. For example... 9 years they've been around I think!
  14. sburrell93

    Steering angle sensor issue

    Already had the steering wheel off and turned the angle sensor back 360 degrees to centre (it was indeed one turn out) but that didn't make a difference. Assuming that has the same effect as rotating the whole column anyway, as there's no other sensors I know of that detect the position. It's...
  15. sburrell93

    Cracking stuff ( see pic )

    Interesting that. I'm pretty sure my boss's A5 had the same issue with a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx's. Also were only a year or two old at most and would be lucky if they done 5k. Think they were worse than that mind you. I'd be inclined to just replace those. If they're on the rear of a clio...