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Recent content by James

  1. James

    New car...again....Kit car content

    The thing with kit cars is, you try to do one thing, and end up finding out something else is broke! Ive wired in a push button start, which I wanted illuminated on ignition but then the light go out once the engine was running. Decided to double up off the oil warning light to do this...
  2. James

    My Clio been on clio . Bet anybody know last owner

    I. Am. Clio.
  3. James

    Daniels Blue 182.

    f**k that, buy a kitcar Then you can have two broken cars on the drive :)
  4. James

    "they all come back"

    No mate, infact you could store it in her kitchen and she won't even notice :) What you trying to say? Haha!
  5. James

    "they all come back"

  6. James

    "they all come back"

    Well. I bought 7 pints of IPA and then ended up with a phase 1
  7. James

    "they all come back"

    Need another meg first Clio-megane-M3-repeat
  8. James

    "they all come back"

  9. James

    "they all come back"

    Watch this space....
  10. James

    Megclio thoughts

    He's on here I think
  11. James

    Thicker oil in a 172?

    How much has it used in that 1000 miles?
  12. James

    Project Iceburg

    Are you buying all of the clios? I thought @Gus was bad :)
  13. James

    Spray bottle for tar remover.

    Yeah you can get specific trigger heads My autobrite just the tonic is exactly the same. I was using it with gloves on the other week, and it disolved my gloves lol
  14. James

    Sensor for climate control This will probably be your issue
  15. James

    Am I institutionalised?

    Yeah certainly get a lot for your money. Mine was only a couple of years old, so I'm not sure how they've faired up reliability wise as they creep up towards 100k miles