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  1. Gus

    Free games thread

    Defender of the crown
  2. Gus

    Wheel cleaner

    I find it all depends how bad the brake dust is so it's good to have a selection of wheel cleaners Sealed wheels washed weekly - just shampoo Non sealed wheels washed fairly regularly - bilberry Fairly dirty wheels - bilthamber or iron X Wheels that have hardly been washed and are caked on...
  3. Gus

    My old LY Clio 182

    Probably for the best. Owning a car a second time wont be the same as when you had it.
  4. Gus

    LY 182 Boosted - Oulton Park / BTCC

    Amazing car - He has some really good videos, even a cambelt change video.
  5. Gus

    My old LY Clio 182

    Is this @TonkaTruck old LY ?
  6. Gus

    Petrol blue respray Difficulty?

    My old one had a bumper respray, In the dark it was fine but in the sun the match wasnt the same, was done by a top spray shop too.
  7. Gus

    F4R Clio 182 Injector Seals

    Ive always waited to read of someone actually trying this. I gave up after seeing how tight and heat shrunk the connector is on that pipe. Now I know it isnt possible. hats off to you for trying.
  8. Gus

    Wheel Re-furb near Farnborough?

    How much do MyAlloys charge?
  9. Gus

    Project Monaco

    Can you still buy seat covers for a 182. I suppose if you find a mint passenger seat which is more likely than a driver's seat you could swap the seat cover on the the driver's seat.
  10. Gus

    Best Clio pic

    Clio in its natural habitat .😂
  11. Gus

    Clio MK4 Peeps - Need some Bluetooth info...

    It's not too bad on the media navs. Mine stutters very very occasionally. The most annoying thing is that it takes quite a while for the Bluetooth to connect once you get in to the car . It them doesn't resume what you were streaming before. You have to wait for it to connect and then have to...
  12. Gus

    Hull breach. Water sloshing

    I used to have this issue too years back on a 172. The side skirt had filled with water. the drain hole was blocked and you can use a paper clip to poke the dirt out but I was hasty and just drilled a hole in the bottom of the skirt.
  13. Gus

    Gearbox Oil Leak

    Do you have the rubber pipe connected to the breather hole on it. might be worth getting a longer pipe on it and extending that upwards.
  14. Gus

    Hull breach. Water sloshing

    Id recommend you light your read seat up, check for water under the rear bench. If there is water its likely coming from the bung on either side of the boot opening.
  15. Gus

    Clio 182 Liquid yellow - £999+

    Has the paint been done recently so its fresh looking?