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Recent content by George@RTR_Parts

  1. George@RTR_Parts

    Neil buys epic cars

    Not as much as you'd think mate @Old Tarby! . I have 12 of them on the shelf, so if wanting a full set (they're same discs front and rear) can sort something, along with pads etc
  2. George@RTR_Parts

    Neil buys epic cars

    Some car that, great choice (y) . Think someone has tagged you in one of my posts, but I have some Brembo OE discs on the shelf for this, if wanting some anytime let me know mate @neil a
  3. George@RTR_Parts

    Trackday 172 and 130i daily

    If wanting to try the DS1.11 brake pads get in touch, I've them in stock. Just seen you're in The Netherlands, not a problem i send parts all over the world. I use FedEx as they're the quickest and most reliable international courier I've found. Send me a PM with which parts you're after (as...
  4. George@RTR_Parts

    First Outing

    Very tidy Marc (y)
  5. George@RTR_Parts

    Tyre and brake pad issues. Are they related?

    I supply to lots of 172/182 track and front running race cars their brakes, and plenty now running DS1.11 after trying various others (and having issues with others) . They just work well, combined with the rear DS2500 , one of the best set ups you'll get running the OE size brakes . On the...
  6. George@RTR_Parts

    Brake Discs Prices

    I can supply brakes for pretty much every model, and supply brakes and parts to a few Mini track and race cars, so always worth asking (y) when the motor factors have these attention grabbing "sales" on, it's normally as they've inflated the rrp in the first place
  7. George@RTR_Parts

    New owner - 182 Trophy

    welcome along
  8. George@RTR_Parts

    Brake Discs Prices

    I've plenty in stock at the lower prices, and CS members get free postage amongst other benefits , so always worth asking me , especially if wanting a brake set up (y) check the...
  9. George@RTR_Parts

    Brake Discs Prices

    Thanks @Dom_capper . I've OE Renault rear discs in stock, with the spacer washers, various pads, hub nuts, pad fitting kits etc etc (y)
  10. George@RTR_Parts

    Goodbye MX-5, hello V8.

    nice that, don't think I've seen that colour in the metal , enjoy (y)
  11. George@RTR_Parts

    182 Rear braided brake lines

    I can supply Goodridge braided lines if still needed (y)
  12. George@RTR_Parts

    Clio 172 cup

    Thanks very much , I like to get parts out asap for people (y)
  13. George@RTR_Parts

    Clio 172 cup

    welcome along mate