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Recent content by dutchgunner

  1. dutchgunner

    Bonnet from a non sport model

    Currently looking for a 182 titanium bonnet. Apparently they're like rocking horse s**t. My question is I've seen a bonnet from a 1.2 campus in silver. It looks exactly the same on screen, but not seen it in the flesh. Question is were the 182 model colours specific to those cars? Or do other...
  2. dutchgunner

    Is this correct.

    Jacking car up to work on brakes so won't be under the car. Is this ok.
  3. dutchgunner

    TD 1.2's on offwer £383 a set

    Demon Tweeks have obviously got to big for there boots. Happens alot when companies get greedy and profit focused. Nothing wrong with making money but you don't take the piss out of paying customers.
  4. dutchgunner

    Wind deflectors

    Cheers pal. Rare colour car. ??
  5. dutchgunner

    Wind deflectors

    Cheers for the opinions.
  6. dutchgunner

    Wind deflectors

    Noticed alot of clios having window wind deflectors. I always prefer having my windows down than having the a/c on. My questions are. Are they stable, and do they make a noticeable difference? Cheers in advance.
  7. dutchgunner

    Wheel Refurb Issues

    Don't take any s**t. Remind him, social media can be very influential to potential new customers. Good luck
  8. dutchgunner

    Abs rings

    Cheers. I was aware as was the mechanic, that the cup and non cup cars were different sizes. Might just take a punt. I did contact Renault parts direct twice. But didn't receive very a reply. Thanks
  9. dutchgunner

    Abs rings

    Wondering if anyone can help. I need to replace my front abs rings. Problem is, no one has and genuine ones. I've been told by the garage that works on the car, that people have supplied him with non OE ones but they've not fitted... Been to small. Any help appreciated.
  10. dutchgunner

    What Trolley Jack

    Thanks for the recommendation's lads.
  11. dutchgunner

    What Trolley Jack

    Looking to purchase a trolley jack and axel stands. Looking at a £60/70 budget Any recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. dutchgunner

    Couldn't resist, after 2 years away I'm back in a 182

    Welcome back. Purchased my 182 back in November. Mon had been done 5 years previously, with low miles after. I had all belts and water pump done. Big bill, but I don't think you can put a price on peace of mind. Get them done.
  13. dutchgunner

    Rear beam refurbishment

    Thanks. Much appreciated.
  14. dutchgunner

    Rear beam refurbishment

    That sounds like a bargain. Do you have the name of the place?