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  1. brohoward71

    479 mile PH2 V6.

    Surprise surprise it sold. Obvious really. Lets just imagine you won the euro lottery last week you wouldnt think twice about buying it. There are A LOT of people with enough disposable income to consider this peanuts. And if those people are petrol heads of course they will buy this. Hell if it...
  2. brohoward71

    MY Megane 265 Trophy On Pistonheads

    Lovely car like these a lot. I cant believe how sh#t the numbered plaque is on these hadnt realised before
  3. brohoward71

    Scott's JDM Bugeye Spec C RA.

    I understand the benefits of anti lag on cars for competition but why on earth would you want your road car making that racket. That one above sounds awesome going up through the gears and then the ak47 on the over run would just do my head in
  4. brohoward71

    MY Megane 265 Trophy On Pistonheads

    Nice car good advert. Mayve a couple of pics of those recaros tho eh ? Especially since you give negative comments on the drivers .
  5. brohoward71

    New daily - civic areodeck turbo

    I dont know why but i really really like this. Must be surprisingly swift :smile: . Need to see some vids
  6. brohoward71

    Porsche 911 GT2 RS Ring Lap

    Cockpit view of that car doesnt look like it has a cage in ???
  7. brohoward71

    My first Porsche...Carrera 4S Journey (Part 2: Ownership)

    Looks stunning proper realistic......ish dream car for me. Did it come in under or over your budget ? Get some more details up as i am genuinely intrigued what you managed to bag with this Owners History Mileage Reciepts etc
  8. brohoward71

    Chance to own a piece of max power history.....

    Jesus christ . You never unsee what you have seen 108k WHAT !!!!!!!!!!
  9. brohoward71

    Clio turbo engine

    Its all in german dude
  10. brohoward71

    Honda CB125

    I promise it is impossible for me to skittles this bike What does that mean ?
  11. brohoward71

    Westfield part 2 - Track Harder

    Looks like a weapon, spec list reads like a weapon. Very expensive way of tuning the red one tho :smile: Must have cost a tidy sum ?
  12. brohoward71

    172 Exclusive

    If you dont ask you dont get :tonguewink: but really its just stupidly priced isnt it. Have you seen the price of the R26.R they are selling ...
  13. brohoward71

    Track car Attempt 2

    Link to saxo sale thread ?
  14. brohoward71

    Clio 182 with 1.8t Audi engine

    Close to the worst written advert ever for a 5 grand clio
  15. brohoward71

    MK1 Escort Twincam

    60 bids - wtf