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Recent content by Arahan

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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Thats what we did, stayed for a little bit then left as literally no one else! Haha!
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Everyone gone, here now....
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Shame we can't all get there at the same time! I'll be down but think getting dinner at Trafford Centre first now so be around 130/2 for me I think
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    Clio 197 Megane 250 engine
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    Clio 197 Megane 250 engine

    The silver one is the best :tonguewink:
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    What time we thinking then?
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Are we going for dinnertime on Sunday? Maybe 10 am for anyone that can only make the morning?
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    I'm coming definitely, got 2 tag along mates that are coming too! Any mates of yours that are after a fast Clio 200, bring them along! haha!
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    Clio 182 Cup to Clio 200 Full Fat Cup - time for a slight upgrade.

    Buy my turbo converted one! Lol
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Another vote for the 12th here!
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    Ooo I'm actually off work that week and weekend, if I do still have the turbo I'll come down! Plenty of likes on here and it's on eBay with loads of views and watchers....but no sale yet!
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    Manchester Area Meet?

    If I still have it I'll come down! Hopefully have sold it but if not then I'm well up for!
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    M62 towards Manc BG 172/182 + silver 197

    I was really thinking it was me then until I saw the 4 am!
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    What Are Peoples NewYears Resolutions Clio Wise?

    Get to some local and national meets I reckon!
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    225 engine Clio 200 not boosting fully?

    Update: Was a pipe that had popped off as per my initial thoughts! Popped back on plus some new leads while there and now super smooth and pulling hard again! Back in on weds for some new rear wheel bearings which also needed doing but garage didn't have time before Xmas! And the garage is just...