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    HD Through freeview soon?

    Freesat is the company that is launching it.You will need another box but most existing freeview channels will also be availible in HD through this :) Just to explain: The company freesat has existed for years.Sky released something called freesat not so long ago, these are two completely...
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    HD Through freeview soon?

    HD through freeview is being launched this year. According to the company (freesat. Not the freesat from sky either before you think it) should be launched may or june.Only a provisional date at the moment though. £99 for the box + stuff iirc.
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    What 37-42" TV to get??

    lol, fair point. 1080p is a definite no no if your only going to be on SD it will look terrible.
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    What 37-42" TV to get??

    Get the first one ( samsung le37m87). Picture is ace on it, only thing that lets it down is the sound. Shop around , you pay an extra £50 but youll get a free home cinema worth £200 :) And im not just some random guy with random opinions, i work in electrical retail, so i sell these things day...
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    CeX. anyone used them?

    Ive used them.Mainly to trade in phones (free upgrades) and old games etc.... Prices are normally competitive and service is good. Saves the hastle of putting stuff on fleabay.
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    wireless security

    Belkin 'should be' Hopefully that will work
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    Verdict on this Samsund LCD tv.

    The LE40M86BD has the 1080p screen.Any samsung TV with M in the model number has 1080p built in. Work in an electrical retailer so i have to be clued up :) You cannot get a TRUE 1080 plasma.The gas cannot currently be safely compressed to make this possible.If you want a sharp, bright HI-Def...
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    PC or MAC

    I vote mac also.Havnt got one (yet).Cant be any worse than a PC though. (Opens apples website and blows student loan on one :) )
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    iPod Touch, whos getting one?

    Theyre not bad, but with the iphone just around the corner and only costing another £60 compared to the touch, id wait and get that. (but at the end of the day thats just my opinion :rasp: )
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    iPod Touch, whos getting one?

    9th of november is for the iphone not the ipod touch! Ipod touch is due the end of this month (already have some at work, but cant sell them till end of the month :( )
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    I have GOT to get one of these!!!!!!!

    OMG ! Chavs are gonna love these. Halfrauds will probly stock these soon with all of the other bolt on rubbish they sell.
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    private plate letter spacing

    I know this threads about spacing but didnt want to create another thread for this small ( maybe stupid )question. Had some plates made today; Standard font , no border , no logos, no illigal spacing just plain. Plate doesnt have BS number on. Is this a legal requirement? If it is , does...
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    After 2 Months Of Hard Saving...

    Good to hear mate! Dont you just hate taxi drivers! Hope all goes well.
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    Crazy italian go cart!

    Thats insane! Slightly faster than the clio me thinks :) Me want one :(
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    Could Blue Ray be the next Betamax....

    No that is a HD Upscaling player.Meaning you can get near HD quality off a normal DVD. And for all you people that want to support both, or just simply dont want to choose; Samsung is bringing out a Blu-ray HD-DVD player towards the end of the year. :)