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    Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    After hopefully solving an issue with a loose bolt, I now have to replace the alternator drive belt.

    There doesn't seem to be a tensioner that allows the belt tension to be reduced enough to get it back on - or I'm just not seeing it.

    Would anyone have any hints?


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    Re: Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    haha, your going to have fun, does yours have ac?mine does,

    look down beside the pas and the alternator and you will see a big spring, with a pulley on the end, this is the tensioner.

    On mine i undid the top mount, (1x16mm nut) took off the black plastic drip tray under the car.Undo the slam panel and grill,Jacl the car up and take off the drivers wheel, put the car on axle stands, get a jack (ideally a trolly jack) put a lump of wood on that between the jack and the sump, start to lift the engine
    i had mine like this:

    you will then need a 10mm sump plug bit(square end) look by the tensioner pulley is a square hole, thats where the socket goes in. Push towards the back of the car(it is a very hard spring.) and the belt should be able to come off.

    put the new belt on everything and then put it on the tensioner last, thats the best way to do it, i tried putting it on the ac 1st, the alternator etc, but the tensioner is easier.

    once the belt is on, let the pressure off the tensioner and it should be tight all the way around. There is a idler pully by the ac the belt goes OVER THE TOP of this.

    put the car back together.

    Its not an easy job, took me 3 hours to do it.

    hope your not a jesse and feel pain easily as most of your knuckles wont be there afterwards.

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    Re: Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    Take the front bumper off, remove slam panel and osf wheel/arch trim.

    Makes it a wee bit easier to do.

    Still a bugger but it avoids the knuckle damage.

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    Re: Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    Thanks, will give that a go...... sounds like fun - not!

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    Re: Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    i hate alternator belts had mine done 3 times in as many months!

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    Re: Alternator Belt Replacement Clio 172

    Thanks for your help - back together now and rattle solved.

    Great design Renault....



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