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    I am trying to fix an intermittent fault on my sisters 1.4 1999 petrol Clio.

    I know sorry nothing sporty.

    Twice now it has failed to cold start, just turns over, changed plugs and checked leads all seems fine, I think there was no fuel being injected and maybe no spark either.

    Anyone know how to read the error codes out of the ecu/emu? which I presume it possible?

    Any help/pointers very much appreciated.


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    TDC sensor possibly

    check a spark lead against the block to see it sparks up on turning it over

    Check the fuel pump starts up when the key is in position two

    Just a few pointers matey.

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    providing your chassis number starts with VF1BB0C / VF1CBOC It will more than likely be the cold start / eng temp sensor situated in the thermostat housing. Your engine code will be E7J 780 1.4 Energy engine used between 1988 - 2000. This is quite a common fault. This can also cause erratic tick over problems when the engine has warmed up as well. part number is 7700786460 10.92 - give that a try.

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    Many thanks guys..

    The first time it happened I first checked the fuel pump was running when ignition first turned on and it was.

    checked all leads and plugs etc and then removed plug three and held it to engine block to check for a spark and it started on three to my suprize and was fine when the plug was refitted from then on.

    I replaced the plugs as I noticed they were a different grade to recommended in the manual and hoped that was the problem.

    but obviously not.

    I will look at getting a new cold start sensor then, I am not aware of any hot idle problems at all and it has old caused the problem twice with a couple of weeks inbetween, perhaps it has only just started to fail and reads incorrect only sometimes.

    Many thanks


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    So is it not possible to read the error codes if any logged without using the dealer equipment?

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    Chassis number starts

    Does that make a difference to what you said j3ned?

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    you need a diag station to read the fault codes. tdc sensor is a commen problem

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    Thanks Jay.

    Is the TDC sensor behind the cambelt covers? which I was suprised to notice are metal..

    Thinking about it she has the Haynes manual so might just buy a new tdc sensor and replace that and the cambelt (due) at the weekend if I get time.





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