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    Fault code df077 front driver thorax side air bag circuit

    Hi, I had my serv light and air bag light on on my dash so I looked at all the threads on here and found out about cutting the grey block out an soldering the cables together under the passenger seat.

    I done this today but the lights stayed on so I took to the garage to get it checked on the computer. I had 6 fault codes up but 5 cleared straight away.

    1 how ever hasn't reset and they said this is why my lights are on.

    The fault code is df077

    Front driver thorax side air bag circuit, open circuit

    I have typed this in but unfortunately carnt find any advice on it

    Any help is very much appreciated.


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    At work I get the thorax fault quite alot. BMW MINI though. And it's a bent pin in the seat 90% of the time. If not its a cut wire or faulty airbag sensor.

    Tried a continuity test of the wires? See if they are all ok?

    Open circuit (at work) usually means something isn't connected, poor connection (pin bent) or a faulty sensor.

    Short circuit usually suggests a broken or earthing out cable.

    Not sure if this is any help to you.

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    Re: Fault code df077 front driver thorax side air bag circuit

    A bent pin in the seat? I'm guessing I can trace the cable to the side airbag?


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    Yeah. Never looked on Clio seats but on the MINI's the have a connection (yellow) underneath it. Which contains little pins in which the airbag plug connects too. Sometimes, if they are connected at a weird angle they can bend the pins.

    Every wire is traceable, if you no what cable it is you need to trace?

    Maybe a wiring diagram would help you.

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    From what I've just read on another forum. It is common to be the connection under the seat. And like you say...having it cut out and wires soldered together, has solved the issue. I guess after years of sliding the seat forwards and backwards just works it all loose.



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