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    immobiliser starting problem.

    I have a Mk2 2000reg 1.2 clio and the starting problems have now started to become a mega issue.
    The car unlocks and locks as normal but as you turn the key to switch on the ignition the immobiliser light flashing red begins to start flashing faster, this then stops the car from starting.
    I have sprayed good old wd40 in the key fob and this helped for a bit but now that has decided to give up too.
    Anybody got any clues on what it could be or how to solve it

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    Re: immobiliser starting problem.

    Try the other key if you have. If not see if the ring antenna that were assembled on the ignition is the problem.

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    Re: immobiliser starting problem.

    only seen this work on one clio but have u tryed holding the lock/unlock button when u turn the key it could be a temp fix till u get the problem sorted

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    Re: immobiliser starting problem.

    You need a new key. Or try this,

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    Re: immobiliser starting problem.

    does sounds like the key is fubard. Why would you spray WD into the circuit board part

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    Re: immobiliser starting problem.

    Cheers people, i found a link on the internet and i had to;

    - hold the central locking botton on lock
    - press the accelerator pedal
    - hold
    - the car lock and unlocked by itself
    - let go of the lock botton
    - and then let go of the petal

    The red flashing light stayed on and as i used the key fob to unlock the car the light went off and started fist time



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