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    Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    I have had a look for a guide etc. but not not found anything definitive.

    I have ordered an stretchy CV Boot kit off ebay with cone thing.

    From what i can gather:

    Remove center cap, 30mm socket loosen big drive shaft nut, wheel off.

    Undo all the bits that are attached to the hub (balljoint etc. etc.)

    Slide new boot on, clips on. Put everything back together.

    Are there any tip, tricks or time saving things that people could point out to me???


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    Re: Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    bottom ball joint can be a swine sometimes, but you only need to take the caliper of to give more room to swing the hub outward, the bottom ball joint,hub nut and un-clip abs wiring. lubricate the cone to ease sliding the boot over the cone and dont use cable ties to hold the boot on coz it will pull of the c.v joint. use either the self locking stainless ties or the crimp up clips, either type needs a tool to do properly. dont forget to put moly/c.v grease inside the boot b4 you clip it!

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    Re: Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    Better off taking the shaft out and doing it properly removing the cv joint etc if you're going to the trouble of getting the shaft ready to come out. You won't loose the box oil on the drivers side either.

    And make sure you use decent clips that are properly tight or the grease will just make a quick reappereance. No cable ties!

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    Re: Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    I did a 172 o/s shaft the other day with an ebay stretch boot. I'd definitely recommend taking the shaft out the car and sticking it in a vice. Soak the boot in boiling water for 10 mins beforehand too, softens it up a bit and helps stretch over the cone.

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    Re: Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    definatly put the boot in a kettle and boil, and rub the cone in washing up liquid

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    Re: Replacing Drivers Side Outer CV Boot

    Drivers side shaft just slides out the gearbox so if you have a vice just do it in that.

    Stretchy cv boots are well easy to put on, no need to boil it in bot water just turn the boot inside out and kube the cone up well with durex lube and slide it on



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