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    Wink Road Angel 2 Firmware Update!!!!!

    I have found an update for the Road Angel 2, I had a problem with mine, and i found an update with extra stuff!

    My Road Angel is 100% better after the updated firmware!!

    My current firmware now is 2.20

    Before it was 2.09!

    From Blackspot

    New Road Angel (Serial No's 01****** or R1*******)

    Unit displays - Data out of Date - even if the subscription date hasn't expired

    Please find detailed below a link to an upgrade program, click on the
    link and download the software to the PC that you use for your updates.

    Install the software, connect the Road Angel to the PC and then run the
    program following carefully the on-screen prompts. You do not need to
    be on the internet to do this and will resolve the problem.

    Click here to download Upgrade V2.20"
    Here is the link to the page,3

    Hope this helps!! (Still no Spedd Advisory!!!)


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    Re: Road Angel 2 Firmware Update!!!!!

    hummm i best check mine 2moz

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    Re: Road Angel 2 Firmware Update!!!!!

    I updated the firmware some time ago, will check mine in the morning to.



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